Frie Leysen Brussels

1950 – 2020

08.05, 09.05, 12 — 16.05, 19 — 23.05, 26 — 30.05

Pélagie Gbaguidi Brussels

Zone de Troc II

performative installation — premiere

Place Sainte-Catherine 45 Sint-Katelijneplein / Marché place Sainte-Catherine/Sint-Katelijneplein markt

A participative space in which visitors can deposit or take away objects, stories, drawings, secrets and letters.

08.05, 09.05, 11 — 16.05, 18 — 23.05, 25 — 30.05

Walid Raad Beirut / New York

We can make rain but no one came to ask

exhibition / guided tour — premiere

Maison des Arts

Insects, birds, nests, leaves and flowers: a catalogue of natural elements disclosing a series of strange events in the Middle East’s recent past.

08.05, 09.05, 22 — 26.05

Sarah Vanhee Brussels

bodies of knowledge

performative installation

Institut Pacheco / Parc Josaphat

A semi-nomadic class held in various parts of Brussels over a number of months,  where there are no teachers or students but rather a group of co-learners, and that prefers experts in life rather than professional authorities.

09.05, 16.05

Chassol Paris


music / performance — premiere


Inspired by Brussels and its multilingual, polyphonic vocality, Christophe Chassol has created a visually stimulating and sonic portrait of the city for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

08 — 12.05

Korakrit Arunanondchai & Alex Gvojic Bangkok / New York

No History in a Room Filled with People with Funny Names 5

video installation

Les Brigittines

A ghostly journey accompanied by green laser lights, hovering somewhere between transcendence, war operations, and the infrared vision of speleological missions.


10.05, 11.05

Kornél Mundruczó & Kata Wéber / TR Warszawa Warsaw / Budapest

Pieces of a woman



Can we resist guilt feelings? Kata Wéber has written a trenchant, instinctive text. Together with theatre-maker Kornél Mundruczó, she welcomes us into a family home inhabited by an exceptional group of Polish actors who perform this text with naturalistic precision.

11 — 15.05


Nadia Beugré Abidjan / Paris

L’Homme rare


Théâtre National

A choreography for five dancers, executed solely using the back. With the insistent use of buttocks Nadia Beugré challenges a strongly built and assimilated masculinity.


11 — 20.05

Akira Takayama Tokyo

McDonald’s Radio University

lecture — premiere

Place de la Bourse/Beursplein

You are welcome at McDonald’s on Place de la Bourse/Beursplein for a series of live lectures by new professors, ready to share their knowledge for the first time.


Rossella Biscotti Molfetta / Rotterdam/Brussels

The Journey

visual arts / performance

Mediterranean Sea

The Journey is a performance of a ship navigating a GPS content-related route inspired by time, history and current geopolitical data. A present and yet invisible performance at the festival, echoing the hidden nature of what is going on in the Mediterranean sea.

13 — 16.05

Léa Drouet Brussels



La Raffinerie / Online

Starting from the story of Mado, her grandmother, Léa Drouet transports us in her new creation, Violences. In it, rather than representing direct violence, the artist works in showing the conditions that make it legitimate.


12 — 19.05

Mariano Pensotti / Grupo Marea Buenos Aires

Le public / Het publiek

theatre / cinema

We follow six spectators in six filmed episodes. We follow them and learn how a theater play has become lodged in their memories and affected their lives in Brussels in the 24 hours that follow.

15 — 17.05, 20.05

Radouan Mriziga Brussels




Tafukt is a dance solo created by Radouan Mriziga, a dancer and choreographer born in Marrakesh and based in Brussels, and the first part in a trilogy focusing on the semantics and mythologies of the Imazighen

19 — 22.05

Amanda Piña Vienna / Santiago de Chili / Mexico City

Frontera I Border – A Living Monument

dance — premiere


By exploring a choreography of borders in which hip-hop culture, colonial tales, native practices and mysticism intertwine, Amanda Piña also reminds us that the border is not only a place but is also inscribed in the bodies.

20 — 24.05

Lia Rodrigues Rio de Janeiro


dance — premiere

De Kriekelaar

A powerful journey at the threshold between distance and proximity. After her successful choreographic masterpiece Fúria, Lia Rodrigues returns to share a new research with the Brussels audience.

20 — 23.05

The Living and The Dead Ensemble Port-au-Prince

The Wake

theatre / performance / installation — premiere

Zinnema / Online

The Wake is a performance reflecting a fragmented geography, made of intimate stories and fables, songs and cries of revolt, demands and delirium. It is an assembly trying to make itself heard.

20 — 24.05

Romeo Castellucci Cesena


theatre / performance — premiere

Esplanade de la Cité administrative de l’Etat/Esplanade van het Rijksadministratief Centrum

Conceived for the festival, Buster takes place on the Esplanade de la Cité administrative, between the federal police headquarters and Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral, and with the city as a background of its actions. A reflection on the law, the violence, and the comedy, on the role of actors who lend their bodies to actions that are not theirs.

18 — 22.05, 25.05

Sorour Darabi Paris


dance / performance — premiere

Beursschouwburg / Online

Set in the obscurity of a fictional night, each appearance in Mowgli is a wild experience: choreography, poetry, storytelling, The Jungle Book, the lyrics of Iranian singer Googoosh and the ones of PNL. 

25 — 30.05


Alice Ripoll Rio de Janeiro


dance — premiere


Following aCORdo and CRIA, Alice Ripoll is back for a third time at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts to present the premier of LAVAGEM.

26 — 30.05


Okwui Okpokwasili New York

Bronx Gothic

performance — premiere

Les Brigittines

Okwui Okpokwasili recreates her legendary performance with performer Wanjiru Kamuyu. Built upon an exchange of notes between the two girls in the midst of a sexual awakening, Bronx Gothic looks to communicate what is essential about a body in transformation and the energies that run through it.

27 — 30.05

Edouard Louis & Milo Rau Paris / Cologne

The Interrogation

theatre — premiere

Théâtre Varia / Online

Edouard Louis together with Milo Rau, is creating and writing a new theatre play, performed by himself on stage. The two artists wrote The Interrogation, a solo performance exploring the thin line between acting, living and surviving.

27 — 30.05

Ayaka Nakama Kobe

Freeway Dance



Ayaka Nakama welcomes us into a Japanese garden that contains multiple references, a place where the idea of mono-culture is abandoned; a garden in which to sit, to swing on the swing, or to eat something from one of the food stalls.

28 — 30.05

Encyclopédie de la parole / Joris Lacoste, Pierre‑Yves Macé, Sébastien Roux & Ictus Paris / Brussels

Suite n°4

music / installation


By focusing on the infinite versatility and musicality of human speech, Suite n°4 is a celebration of what is most vivid and most fleeting about humanity: its voice. An archive of ghosts, to let all those valuable but otherwise unheard voices resonate one last time.

28 — 30.05

Adeline Rosenstein Brussels

Transmission poison

theatre / radio — premiere

Les Halles de Schaerbeek / Radio Campus / Radio Panik

For the festival, Adeline Rosenstein takes a seat at a table and turns the theater into a radio station where live broadcasts will take place over three days. She retraces an investigation into three contexts and generations of women in struggle.


29.05, 30.05

The School of Contamination Jerusalem / Brussels / Ghent / New York

Dina Mimi, Roland Gunst, Salvatore Calcagno, Nikima Jagudajev

residency / performance


For ten days, four artists – three of which are based in Brussels – work in four spaces in the Kaaistudio's: another sort of ‘contamination’, and to its importance within the art scene and to its future.

09.05, 13.05, 15.05, 16.05, 22.05, 23.05, 29.05, 30.05

Stream of Thoughts

talks & encounters


Stream of Thoughts is a programme of online encounters that accompanies the festival. In journeying through the nuances inherent in the idea of contamination – via reflections around exchange, togetherness, transmission, (r)evolution, and coloniality – the live streams will punctuate the month of May.

08.05, 14.05, 15.05, 21.05, 23.05, 28.05, 29.05

Garden concerts

Institut Pacheco

16.05, 23.05, 30.05

Garden Book Club

reading club

Institut Pacheco

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