01 — 03.06.2023

Amanda Piña Santiago de Chile-Mexico City-Vienna


dance — premiere

Théâtre Royal des Galeries

Amanda Piña brings back to life the exoticized performers of the early 20th century European stages in the iconic setting of the Théâtre Royal des Galeries.

31.05 — 03.06.2023

Kepler‑452 Bologna

Il Capitale. Un libro che ancora non abbiamo letto


Théâtre Les Tanneurs

A performance conceived with factory workers, who interweave their personal lives with a reflection on the life that emerges after the loss of a job. A powerful hymn to the dignity of work and life.

31.05 — 03.06.2023

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Meskerem Mees, Jean‑Marie Aerts, Carlos Garbin, / Rosas Brussels


after the tempest

dance — premiere

Théâtre National

De Keersmaeker retraces her steps, going back to the origins of dance and pop music, to ‘walking songs’ by Meskerem Mees and Jean-Marie Aerts.

30.05, 31.05, 02.06, 03.06.2023

Victoria Lomasko Moscow-Leipzig

Five Steps

performance — premiere

Les Brigittines

By talking and sketching, the life of a dissident and fugitive artist is traced in five steps: Isolation, Escape, Exile, Shame, and Humanity. 

30.05 — 02.06.2023

Ça marche Barcelona

Los Figurantes


Les Brigittines

A visually fascinating performance, reminding us that there is no watching without responsibility.

28.05 — 01.06.2023

Fabrizio Terranova Brussels

Isabelle Stengers, Fabriquer de l'espoir au bord du gouffre

cinema — premiere

Cinema Galeries

In a futuristic setting, philosopher Isabelle Stengers tells her story in an unexpected way, and accompanies us on the edge of the abyss where hope can emerge despite the state of the world.

27 — 30.05.2023

Faustin Linyekula Kisangani

My Body, My Archive (2023)



Surrounded by his maternal ancestors, and accompanied by trumpeter Heru Shabaka-Ra, Linyekula engages in a dialogue between his body and the history of his country while dancing.

27 — 30.05.2023

Wichaya Artamat Bangkok

Baan Cult, Muang Cult

theatre — premiere


A naturalistic – almost cinematographic – theatre describes two Bangkok flats and gives a satirical metaphor for Thailand’s social structure as a cult, filled with poetry, tenderness and humour.

26 — 28.05.2023

Calixto Neto Recife-Paris


dance — premiere

La Raffinerie

A choreography that addresses manipulation through ventriloquism, a tribute to all those whose bodies must be constantly reconquered and reaffirmed.

26 — 29.05.2023

Alex Baczyński‑Jenkins Warsaw-Berlin

Untitled (Holding Horizon)

durational performance / dance

Salle Omnisports Roue/Omnisportzaal Rad

Navigating between visibility and invisibility, five performers move through a subtle choreography of desire and interdependence.

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