Kunstenfestivaldesarts is an international performing arts festival dedicated to contemporary theatre, dance, performance and visual arts. Every year, it takes place in Brussels during three weeks in May.

Contemporary: the festival supports both established and up-and-coming artists with the creation of bold artistic work rooted in today’s world. 

International: artists from all over the world are invited to confront us with diverse artistic practices and perspectives. Every year, the programme includes around thirty artistic projects that can be experienced and understood in a whole range of ways. It is intended for anyone who is keen to make discoveries.

Nomadic: the festival takes place in around thirty venues in Brussels – theatres, cultural centres, museums and public spaces – but also venues that are not well known by audiences from Brussels or abroad.

Of Brussels: the festival is organised in dialogue with several French and Dutch-speaking cultural partners and local associations in Brussels. It aims to reflect the diversity of Brussels. Since it started back in 1994, it has encouraged mobility between audiences, cultures and neighbourhoods.

Kunstenfestivaldesarts stimulates debate and dialogue. Every year, it hosts a temporary Free School dedicated to sharing knowledge and artistic practices. Through its Communities projects, the festival also runs initiatives that allow students, associations, performing arts professionals or interested members of the public to connect during and beyond the festival.

The next edition of the festival will take place from 10 May to 1 June 2024.


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