Are you a teacher?

Because education and culture are fundamentally linked, the festival offers customised activities for your students, such as: a presentation of the festival programme in the classroom, an activity (workshop or aftertalk) during class time, a school performance, school-friendly bookings and a teaching kit. These activities can be adjusted according to your expectations and needs. Welcome to the festival! 

Info & booking: Liesbeth Duvekot | | +32 (0)2 226 45 91

School performance

School groups are welcome at all performances. To facilitate the welcoming of students, an early evening performance is planned for Il Capitale. Un libro che ancora non abbiamo letto by Kepler-452. To frame this project, we offer a classroom activity and a teaching kit, adapted to secondary school students. This performance will allow you to have discussions with your students about the themes of capitalism, productivity and the dignity of work and life.


School rates

Secondary school students

€8 / ticket

College and university students

-50% standard price

Affirmative action school


Accompanying adults


Supervision (introduction, aftertalk, workshop, etc.)

free on demand

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