Vrijwilliger·sters + bénévoles = vrijwillevoles! The volunteers are not only an essential part of the festival, but also a community of people that we like to keep close to our heart. Throughout the year, the group meets once or twice a month for outings to the theatre or for other cultural activities. Particular attention is given to making the group as varied as possible: those learning one of the national languages, pensioners, (art) students or simply the curious: everyone is welcome to join the adventure! 

Care to join us?

Are you available two or three times a week during the festival in May and do you want to be part of a community of radiant people? In exchange for your participation in the festival, you will attend the shows, discover the backstage of an international festival and enjoy the atmosphere from the inside! Do not hesitate to contact Gaëlle to join us.

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With: Bibi Onsea, Brigitte De Clercql, Coline Tasiaux, Dilay Samanli, Edward McMillan, Elvire Verbaanderd, Francisco Navarro, Gino Vandenborne, Igor Delogne, Inge Van Laere, Isabelle Vander Stockt, Juliette Framorando, Carlotta Lateur, Marie des Neiges de Lantsheere, Mustafa Aboulkhir, Niki Prodromidou, Pierre Vachaudez, Rebecca Sforzani, Rodrigo Saavedra Castillo, Sandra Circhirillo, Sophia Nakata, Sophie David, Sourire Angélique Maribori Ikirezi, Thierry Jacobs, Thomas Huard and all those who join us along the way. Without all of them the festival would not be possible

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