Vrijwilligers + bénévoles = vrijwillevoles! Our volunteers are not only an indispensable aid in the organisation of the festival, they also form a community of people we like to keep close to our heart. Throughout the year, the group meets once a month for outings to the theatre or for other cultural activities with the festival team. Would you like to join? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Contact: Emilie Kabongo | emilie.kabongo@kfda.be | +32 (0)2 226 45 73

Thank you to the 2022 volunteers team: Sandra Circhirillo, Bibi Onsea, Xante Moyersoen, Jacob Thierry, Anna Baré, Kiko Navarro, Sophia Nakata, Luz de Amor, Pierre Vachaudez, Mustafa Aboulkhir, Salomé El Baz Bouhessira, Gino Vandenborne, Juliette Framorando, Rodrigo Saavedra Castillo, Estelle Vanmalle, Igor Delogne, Lisa Roberti, Ellée Civade, Lauranne Paulissen, Quentin Chevalier; Celine Vandermeulen; Stefania Occhionorelli, Charlotte Moyson, Ayla Kardas, Chengwen Hsueh, Bartira Macedo Pereira, Emma Noïtkay Marie des Neiges de Lantsheere, Megan Veyrat, Sadrie Alves, Natalya Ivannikova, Louise Battini, Fatima Obda, Géraldine Durieux and all those who join us along the way. Without all of them the festival would not be possible!

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