19 — 22.05

Nelson Makengo Kinshasa

Tongo Saa (Rising up at night)

expanded cinema — premiere

Les Brigittines

A film travelling between the screen and the space. An ode to Kinshasa’s nights and a nuanced portrait of a population between hope, disappointment and faith. 

19 — 22.05

Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige Beirut-Paris

La vertigineuse histoire d’Orthosia

visual arts / performance — premiere


The dizzying tale of a Palestinian refugee camp and its hidden underground world.

17 — 19.05

Idio Chichava Maputo



Le 140

This dazzling performance celebrates life, community and our true selves, carried entirely by the explosive impact of dance and song.

18 — 20.05

Toshiki Okada / chelfitsch Kumamoto-Tokyo

The Window of Spaceship ‘In-Between’



Confined in a spaceship, four humans, an android and an alien have conversations about origins, language, and nostalgia for Earth.

18 — 21.05

Faye Driscoll New York-Los Angeles


dance / performance


In the imposing Horta Hall, the bodies of ten performers form a breathing sculpture in constant motion, a multi-sensory experience.

18 — 21.05

Begüm Erciyas Brussels-Berlin, Moe Satt Yangon-Amsterdam

Hands Made + Nothing But Fingers

performance / dance — premiere

De Kriekelaar

A double bill asking us to rethink the relationship with our hands and to reflect on their role in the past, present and future.

15 — 19.05

Gaia Saitta Brussels

Les jours de mon abandon

theatre — premiere

Théâtre National

In this adaptation from the book by Elena Ferrante, we witness and participate in the transformation Olga goes through after her husband has left her. 

14.05, 16 — 20.05, 23 — 26.05, 30.05 — 01.06

Danh Vo Mexico City-Güldenhof

visual arts / mobile installation — premiere

Public space / Ieperlaan 20 Bd d'Ypres / KVS BOL / Monument voor de Oorlogsduif/au Pigeon-Soldat

A hearse transformed into a mobile flower shop by Brussels auto mechanic students spreads beauty in the public space.

10 — 12.05, 16 — 19.05, 23 — 26.05, 30.05 — 01.06

Hsu Che‑Yu Taipei-Amsterdam

Three Episodes of Mourning Exercises

visual arts / film

argos centre for audiovisual arts

With 3D scanning techniques three video works are shaped, each telling a story of mourning and loss.

18 — 21.05

Anna Rispoli, Territorio Doméstico, Ligue des travailleuses domestiques sans papiers Brussels-Madrid

A life worth living: a workshop on struggle, care and joy

free school — premiere


This four-day school is an opportunity to share political tools, artistic methodologies and advice on care for care workers.

11 — 13.05, 18 — 20.05, 25 — 27.05

Samah Hijawi

Memories Around the Kitchen Table

free school — premiere


Six workshops will explore recipes linked to significant moments in life – from celebrating a new year to the loss of a loved one.

11.05, 12.05, 14 — 17.05, 22 — 26.05, 28 — 31.05

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Radouan Mriziga, / Rosas, / A7LA5 Brussels-Marrakech

Il Cimento dell’Armonia e dell’Inventione

dance — premiere

Rosas Performance Space

To the rhythm of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, De Keersmaeker and Mriziga explore patterns and structures from our natural environment. 


Sara Ahmed Weston Colville

Setting the Table: Reflections on How Tables Matter

free school / lecture


In this lecture, Sarah Ahmed, author of Queer Phenomenology, will explore how tables matter – from writing tables to kitchen tables to conference tables. 

28.05, 29.05

Mirra Markhaëva, Globe Aroma, ruangrupa/GudSkul

The School of Conviviality: Dumpling Tales

free school — premiere


Preparing and eating dumplings together sets the stage for an encounter around the kitchen table where conversations, storytelling, music and karaoke come together.

16.05, 23.05, 30.05

Kitchen Talks

free school / talks


A weekly exchange between artists or collectives makes us reflect on the role the kitchen plays in our imagination and in our daily lives.

16.05, 17.05, 21 — 23.05

Kwame Boafo Accra


dance — premiere

Arts et Métiers - Institut Marguerite Massart

Inside the building of Arts et Métiers, movements relating to car fragments unfold a poetic dialogue between choreography and transnational trade.

22 — 26.05

Chagaldak Zamirbekov/Theater 705 Bishkek

Уя (Nest)



An intimate performance that looks inside a small flat in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and reflects on how we can truly live together.

22 — 25.05

Clara Furey Montreal (Tio’tia:ke)


dance — premiere

La Raffinerie

For her first appearance at the festival, Furey brings the immensity of an inner sea to the stage, with queer dancers claiming the right to eroticism on their own terms.

23 — 25.05

Łukasz Twarkowski Wrocław



Les Halles de Schaerbeek

During this six-hour theatre performance, we circulate between bars, a restaurant and sauna, culminating in a giant rave.

23 — 26.05

Marcus Lindeen, Marianne Ségol Stockholm-Paris

Memory of Mankind

theatre — premiere


Following their previous success, an ingenious new performance that intertwines cases of memory dysfunction and an attempt to back up human civilisation.

24 — 28.05

Jeremy Nedd & Impilo Mapantsula Basel-Johannesburg

blue nile to the galaxy around olodumare

dance — premiere

Le Jacques Franck

Pantsula’s virtuosic dance vocabulary engages in a surprising dialogue with the cosmic and spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane and Bheki Mseleku.

25 — 29.05

Soa Ratsifandrihana Brussels

Fampitaha, fampita, fampitàna

dance — premiere

Théâtre Varia

Blending radio, musical and choreographic storytelling, Ratsifandrihana reminds us that our bodies – just like our words – are bearers of stories.

27 — 31.05

Ali Asghar Dashti, Nasim Ahmadpour Tehran

We Came to Dance

theatre — premiere


What does it mean to be a dancer when dancing is forbidden? An existential question answered in poignant stories and a choreography of words. 

27.05 — 01.06

Bouchra Khalili Vienna

The Circle & The Public Storyteller

visual arts / film — premiere


This video installation reconstructs a unique action that took place during France’s 1974 presidential elections. What does this action tell us fifty years later?

28.05 — 01.06

Mohamed El Khatib Orléans

La vie secrète des vieux

theatre — premiere

Théâtre National

Through the stories of people aged between 75 and 102, we discover how they experience and make love. A portrait of romantic love in old age.

29.05 — 01.06

Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Israel Galván Lisbon-Seville




A breathtaking encounter between two incomparable artists who share their passion for rhythm, precision, freedom and fiery expressiveness.

29.05 — 01.06

Sammy Baloji Lubumbashi-Brussels

Missa Utica

performance / music — premiere


Baloji reconnects Africa’s colonised past with current political and economic reality through the Missa Luba, a Latin mass using traditional Congolese songs.

29.05 — 01.06

MEXA São Paulo

The Last Supper

theatre / performance — premiere

La Balsamine

In a dramaturgy of dishes and narration, the lives of MEXA members intertwine with religious references in an explosive moment of connection.

30.05 — 01.06

Katerina Andreou Athens-Lyon

Bless This Mess

dance — premiere


Andreou's choreography embraces noise and unveils the chaotic resistance of punk to a world that wants to be increasingly transparent.


On the limits of free speech in the arts scene




Lia Rodrigues Rio de Janeiro


dance — premiere

Public space / Zinneke Parade

With a delegation of dancers and citizens, Rodrigues choreographs a project in the Zinneke Parade to demonstrate how joy can also be a political strategy.

10.05, 11.05, 17.05, 18.05, 24.05, 25.05, 31.05, 01.06


10 — 13.05

Back to Back Theatre Geelong


theatre — premiere

Théâtre National

The Australian theatre company, awarded with a prestigious Golden Lion, explores themes of inclusion and identity through a chaotic team-building exercise.

10 — 13.05

Nacera Belaza Paris

La Nuée

dance — premiere

La Raffinerie

Amid the audience, dancers reconcile conflicting choreographic principles in an incantatory, circular ritual. 

10 — 12.05, 14.05, 15.05


Jaha Koo Ghent

Haribo Kimchi

theatre — premiere

Le Rideau

In a South Korean snack bar, the structure of a society is exposed. Haribo Kimchi promises to change our perception of food forever.

11 — 13.05

Mamela Nyamza Johannesburg




Movements transition from timid ballet to frantic, joyful release in this hypnotic choreography.

11 — 15.05

Carolina Bianchi, Carolina Mendonça São Paulo-Amsterdam-Brussels

We do not comfortably contemplate the sexuality of our mothers


Movy Club

An investigation on women artists of previous generations and on an expanded form of motherhood, presented in an abandoned cinema.


Elias Sanbar

Poetry reading

Elias Sanbar & Mayya Sanbar

poetry / talks

Maison poème


Conversation with Zuleikha Chaudhari



13 — 16.05


Zuleikha Chaudhari New Delhi

The Muslim Vanishes

theatre — premiere


What if one day the entire Muslim population of India disappeared? A satire of the world's largest democracy and nationalist agendas elsewhere.

12 — 16.05

Eduardo Fukushima, Beatriz Sano, Tomie Ohtake São Paulo


dance / visual arts


Dance steps hypnotise us like gentle waves moving the space and sculptures seem to dance. An ode to instability.

13 — 18.05

Gurshad Shaheman, Dany Boudreault Limoges-Montreal

Sur tes traces

theatre — premiere

Théâtre Les Tanneurs

In an original double portrait, two writer-performers simultaneously tell each other’s life story based on fragments from their personal archives.

16.05, 17.05

Maria Hassabi Athens

On Stage


Théâtre des Martyrs

Hassabi takes the entire stage of Théâtre des Martyrs with one of her most personal and radical works.

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