Conversation with Zuleikha Chaudhari



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What are the choices to be made and subsequent ramifications of making a work that speculates on the complete disappearance of the Indian Muslim? Theatre director Zuleikha Chaudhari had to cancel her performance The Muslim Vanishes, based on Saeed Naqvi’s text with the same title. Elections are an important political tool in a democracy. It is a moment of battle of ideas. In India, the world's largest democracy, 969 million people are going to vote over a six-week period, ending in June. What will a third term of the ruling political party mean for India's Muslims, given its Hindu nationalist policies that have reshaped the political and cultural landscape of the country over the past decade, shifting it away from the secularism enshrined in the constitution – guaranteeing equality for all religions – and towards Hindu majority rule? In the current political context in India (and elsewhere), how can theatre be seen as a way of thinking, and as an operating strategy - can theatre foreground the production of ethical knowledge and counter-memory?

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