11 — 13.05, 18 — 20.05, 25 — 27.05.2024

Samah Hijawi

Memories Around the Kitchen Table

free school — premiere


Accessible for wheelchair usersSeating without backrest | English | Free participation, registration required, limited capacity  

Since 2020, artist Samah Hijawi has been working on projects in Brussels that centre on the many (hi)stories linked with the foods on our table. She works with women who cook in community kitchens around the city to find ways to capture the many memories attached to one type of food. As part of her new trajectory, she is looking at how recipes are connected with the body, and how they are often linked with significant moments in life; for example, food made for the mourning period, or foods that celebrate a new year, in different cultures. Starting from crucial moments of life, Hijawi opens six standalone workshops, each happening over two days and exploring one life event. Taking this moment in life as a starting point, participants will share and document their stories and recipes. The aim is to recover the knowledge each of us possesses, perhaps by calling relatives for recipe details or by sharing memories of food and what they mean to us. The second day, the same group will cook and share their food with other people. Six gatherings for six moments in life, crossing the festival as an ideal arc of life.

Note: each workshop is made up of two sessions, and participation is required for both days.

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Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, KVS
Concept: Samah Hijawi
Production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts
With the support of Kunstenwerkplaats vzw, Cultureghem

A first iteration of this project was started in collaboration with De Kriekelaar, Community Kitchen, and Citizenne

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