01 — 04.07

Faye Driscoll New York

Thank you for coming: Space

dance / performance — premiere


How to be together. A recurring question in the work of American choreographer Faye Driscoll. A reflection on intimacy, connection with and distance from the public, which takes on a particularly present-day dimension in times of pandemic.

01 — 04.07

Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo Rio de Janeiro


dance — premiere


On stage, six dancers create images in solos and as a group around the question of instability, reflecting the political situation in Brazil where the Covid-19 pandemic has led to people feeling completely unsafe.

01 — 06.07

Jaha Koo Seoul / Ghent

The Hamartia Trilogy: Lolling and Rolling, Cuckoo, The History of Korean Western Theatre

theatre — premiere

Théâtre Les Tanneurs

An exploration of Western influence on South Korea, and how the past leaves its mark on the future. Three performances and two breaks where to taste the rich culinary culture of Korea.

01 — 04.07, 06 — 08.07

Wichaya Artamat Bangkok

Four Days in September (The Missing Comrade) สี่วันในเดือนกันยา

theatre — premiere

Rideau de Bruxelles

A group of friends met in September 1990 to celebrate the birthday of an old ceiling fan. Wichaya Artamat returns to the festival for the second time with an almost cinematic theatre piece that takes place over the course of four days.

01 — 08.07

Decoratelier / Pool is Cool


swimming pool

FLOW swimming pool

Together with Pool is Cool and Decoratelier, we bring the sun back, making the dream of many come true by building an open-air swimming pool next to the bridge Pierre Marchant.

02 — 04.07

Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide) Brussels

Four Months, Four Million Light Years

exhibition / performance — premiere

ARGOS Centre for contemporary arts

Sara Sejin Chang addresses the violent eradication of shamanistic cultures by missionaries in Korea, healing, ancestry, coloniality and transracial adoption.


02 — 04.07

Hamza Halloubi Brussels

You left me my lips, and they shape words, even in silence

exhibition — premiere

ARGOS Centre for contemporary arts

Halloubi’s new body of works serves as an archaeological journey into the Western gaze, directed towards the Maghreb region: how can one claim an identity, finally freed from its exotified representation? 


02.07, 03.07, 05.07, 06.07

Lina Lapelytė Brussels / Vilnius

What happens with a dead fish?

installation / performance — premiere

FLOW swimming pool

For the opening of the first public open-air swimming pool in Brussels, Lina Lapelytė creates new musical performance work for local choir singers about being a fish, going down, the fragility and eternity.

03 — 07.07

Nacera Belaza Paris


dance — premiere

La Raffinerie

Nacera Belaza carefully moulds a sophisticated choreography, bringing traditional Algerian dance material into relation with the concept of « infinity ». 


FLOWING conversation

talks & encounters

FLOW swimming pool

On the occasion of the opening of FLOW swimming pool, the festival organizes a talk with the young people involved in the building process of the pool. This discursive moment reflects on the right to leisure, the politics of spaces, and focuses on what’s at stake in the future months of this new Brussels project.

04 — 08.07

Masamitsu Araki Kyoto

Public Address - Sound of Place


Théâtre Varia – Petit Varia

A sonic journey through the streets of Kyoto that becomes an ode to theatre and its power to fire the imagination.


05 — 08.07

Marcus Lindeen Stockholm / Caen

L’Aventure invisible


Théâtre Varia

The Invisible Adventure weaves the threads of three stories to create a single conversation that questions the impermanence of our identities.

07.07, 08.07




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