01 — 08.07.2021

Together with Pool is Cool and Decoratelier, we bring the sun back, making the dream of many come true by building an open-air swimming pool next to the bridge Pierre Marchant. Although the debate about an open-air swimming pool has been going on for years, last summer, with thousands of families unable to travel, access to places of leisure became even more important. For instance, who has access to the coast? What attempts are being made for privatisation and the reiteration of logics of systemic discrimination? In July and August, the FLOW swimming pool is coming to Anderlecht, offering a space for leisure and sport, punctuated by cultural activities. With swimming lessons for adults and children, as well as women's slots, FLOW is a small pool, but a big step forward in outdoor recreation.

The pool is free of charge. You can book a time slot directly at the pool or on their website

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