Adeline Rosenstein Brussels

Adeline Rosenstein grew up in Geneva, where she studied clowning, acting and then directing at the Ernst Busch Academy in Berlin. Since the beginning of the 2000s, she has been developing a theatrical documentary piece. Between 2011 and 2016, Rosenstein created six episodes of the series décris-ravage about the Palestinian issue (first in Berlin and then in Brussels), and since 2017 she has been working on the triptych Laboratoire Poison, portraying various resistance movements. She occasionally works in art and theatre schools. Rosenstein also writes or translates from German for different theatrical companies (Tête dans le Sac Marionnettes, Premiers Actes, Thibaut Wenger, Léa Drouet Vaisseau).

David Stampfli is a sound artist, producer and author-assembler in the field of radio and soundtracks. He has made electronic music for contemporary dance, theatre, performance and video. Stampfli has various music publications on CD, vinyl, and in digital format, as well as audio-visual soundtracks. He works as a sound researcher and principal operator at the sound research studio Kilohertz Club in Brussels, and as a sound engineer.

Marie Devroux is an actress and director living in Brussels. After graduating from L’ESACT in Liège in 2018, she worked as an actress and assistant director alongside Adeline Rosenstein, Françoise Bloch, Rémi Faure, Damien Trapletti, as well as in several creations by the Dôze Compagnie. Devroux directed her first show in 2019, Les Estivants by Gorky (Festival de Liège).

Hanna El Fakir studied political science in Lille and Beirut, graduating in 2010. She then trained as a sound technician for a year. In 2011, El Fakir went to work at the French Institute in Kinshasa. At the same time, she began a long-term collaboration with the KVS (Kinshasa/ Brussels) as production manager. In 2016, El Fakir co-founded the COKOT production office, which she co-directed for four years. In addition to the performing arts, she continues to work as a director and radio producer in Paris (France Culture) and in Brussels (Art2work, Maison Ravage).

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