Dance flourishing in multiple forms

The programme of Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2024 is extensive and versatile. Over the next few weeks, we are putting together several themed itinerary for those who need guidance or want to discover the programme from a different perspective. This week we focus on dance and the many forms in which you can experience the discipline during this edition.

Marlene Monteiro Freitas and flamenco star Israel Galván bring their two seemingly distant worlds together, united by a passion for rhythm and the ability to combine tension with fiery expression. Idio Chichava explores the expressiveness of the body with a pared-down stage design carried entirely by the explosive impact of dance and voices while Jeremy Nedd engages a surprising dialogue between Pantsula’s virtuosic dance vocabulary and the cosmic and spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane and Bheki Mseleku.

In one of her most radical works, Maria Hassabi finds herself at the intersection of dance and visual art. With her micro-movements she occupies the entire stage of Théâtre des Martyrs. Eduardo Fukushima and Beatriz Sano co-author an ode to instability with a choreography that features the sculptures of Tomie Ohtake. Faye Driscoll returns to the festival with a breathing sculpture of queer bodies in constant motion.

Mamela Nyamza questions classical norms and standards in a hypnotic choreography that evolves from miniaturised ballet to joyful release. Clara Furey takes us on a trip exploring the energy and erotic power that can arise from movement. Katerina Andreou embraces noise and chaos in a performance that completely subverts the harmony of the body and the canon of dance.

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