Being transported by music

From baroque polyphonies to hip hop, from a musical portrait of the city, to the role of music national identities. The programme of this edition makes you discover the power of music: a series of projects different from each other – in theater, dance, and visual arts – which accompany you throughout the month of May.

Kick off the festival by having the unique experience of t u m u l u s, a hypnotising masterpiece of voices and choreography that marks the return of François Chaignaud to the festival. A community of 13 interpreters, who move in the space of an immense hill rebuilt on stage.

With Jelena Jureša's APHASIA we are brought in the setting of a night club, face-to-face with the laud silence that so often surrounds war crime, and with an immersive performance merging rhythm and storytelling.

Chassol presents the world premiere of Chou, his new album and performance, a tribute to Brussels presented on a tournée in the city. Choose your preferred location: between AB, La Monnaie, and L'Archiduc, to experience this new gem.

Or Cherish Menzo's creation, DARKMATTER, whose choreography is inspired by the chopped and screwed musical remixing technique; the exhibition Music Rooms by Nevin Aladağ; our discursive programme on The Politics of Music, or the night life at the festival centre, with a series of concerts and DJ sets.

Check our website for more info and tickets. From May 7th to May 28th, music makes people come together.

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