A stage the size of the world

After two years of travel restrictions, this edition cherishes the international aspect of the festival now more than ever: artists who come from 22 different countries, each carrying a singularity of perspectives, shared for the first time in Brussels during the 22 days of the festival.

Mark Teh is an artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Together with a collective of artists and activists, he creates an unforgettable and touching performance on the forgotten voices of Malaysian fighters during Independence. Mixing narrative, music, and poetic moments, A Notional History makes us travel in a new way of looking at the past.

Parnia Shams is a young artist based in Tehran. In her theatre performance است (Is), she stages a female class: the play thrives on a perfect theatrical mechanism in which the said and the unspoken are balanced and drag us into the daily life of Iranian students, between competition and sisterhood.

Lia Rodrigues accustomed the festival audience to her powerful and hypnotic performances. In her new and highly anticipated creation Encantado, a carpet of variegated fabrics is slowly unrolled on stage by 11 dancers, opening up a kaleidoscope of colors and incredible movements. A creation that evokes the vitality and urgencies of Brazil. Not to be missed!

Or the new creations by Bouchra OuizguenLav DiazRayyane Tabet, Nadia Beugré, Akira Takayama. With each of them, sitting in the darkness of the hall, we immerse ourselves in a unique journey.

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