Castélie Yalombo Brussels

Castélie Yalombo Lilonge, is a Spanish / Belgian / Congolese artist, born and living in Brussels. Graduated from ULB as well as a Master from the Higher Institute of Choreographic Arts of ARBAESA in 2020. Her artistic practice is at the intersection of choreography, installation and poetic speech. She questions the status of collective identity, otherness and relationship, as well as the subject / object status of the body. She has collaborated as a performer and a dancer with the artists Clément Thirion (2016), Fabian Barba (2017), Ingrid Midgard Fiksal (2019), Faustin Linyekula (2019) and Louise Vanneste (2021). These experiences assisted her in raising awareness for the challenging questions of decolonisation, and more particularly of the need for a re-articulation of the narratives of our identities in the great network of forgotten, confiscated, hidden and dominant histories. Since 2018, she works parallel to the creation of several performances, most often solo or in duo. Close your eyes in 2018 (later used under the name of cleaners of the shade: water, including a duo version presented during the Congolisation festival at KVS in January 2020) and This is my body delivered for you in 2019.

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