Dancing in a garden surrounded by flowers

The Japanese artist Ayaka Nakama welcomes us in a fictional garden, a place where the idea of mono-culture is abandoned; a garden in which to stroll, to sit or to go on the swing.

Freeway Dance by Ayaka Nakama

Just before the pandemic when dancing was still an everyday activity, the artist asked a number of people close to her to describe their first memory of themselves dancing. Based on these descriptions, she reconstructed the movements precisely with her own body.

She dances in this immense space with incredible care, her tiny figure owning the room. Although the choreography is predetermined, the music changes nightly.

The spectators were asked a song associated with a particular moment when they were dancing (or listening to while driving). This soundscape serves the choreography reminding us of a time in which dancing was more of an activity than a memory ...

27 ー 30.05 at KVS BOX.

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