A walk in the unusual spaces of the festival

From the Senate, to a space hidden inside the Gare du Nord, to a bar. The festival takes place this edition in over 30 different spaces all over Brussels: a selection of familiar places, and some new unconventional gems, thought in relation to artistic projects, and ready to be discovered.

Enter and sit in the Hemicycle of the Senate in front of the words of If This is Levi: an impressive actor's performance, and a lucid warning that –starting from the interviews of the Holocaust survivor Primo Levi– resonates today in a urgent way in the political spaces of the present.

Hidden in the Brussels-North Station, the spaces of the Former Railway Museum will be the setting of Bárbara Bañuelos & Carles Albert Gasulla - Hacer Noche. A space reminiscent of an abandoned garage, that welcomes the true story of Carles Albert Gasulla, night watchman of a parking lot in Barcelona, who spends the nights reading novels and poetry and recording his impressions. A moving project on friendship, mental health, and solidarity.

With the premier of his new album and musical tribute to beloved Brussels, Chou, of Chassol can be enjoyed in three different places, Ancienne Belgique, La Monnaie, and in the intimate setting of an iconic Brussels bar, L'Archiduc.

Or again the Monument in Jubelpark, for the puppet theatre of Daniela Ortiz, the Musical Instruments Museum for the open presentation of Crazy Evil Nigght of Calixto Neto, or the Museum of Far East for the new performance of Satoko Ichihara.

Check out the programme and reserve your tickets to discover these artistic projects, and rediscover the city as an expanded stage.

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