El Conde de Torrefiel Barcelona

The works of El Conde de Torrefiel (Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert) are characterised by stagings where choreography, text and plastic images converge to create unusual and fragmented narratives where the tensions between the individual and the collective that characterise European society in the 21st century come to the surface and materialise on stage in a surprising way. El Conde de Torrefiel began their professional career in 2010 with the premiere of La historia del rey venido por el aburrimiento and since then they have produced Observen cómo el cansancio derrota al pensamiento (2011), Escenas para una conversación después del visitando de una película de Michael Haneke (2012), The girl at the travel agency told us there was a swimming pool in the flat (2013), The possibility that disappears in front of the landscape (2015), GUERRILLA (2016), LA PLAZA (2018), Kultur (2019), Los Protagonistas (2020), Se respira en el jardín como en un bosque (2020). Over the last decade, in addition to the creation of stage pieces with a contemporary and very personal language, El Conde de Torrefiel have worked with other formats such as video, installation and site specific as well as on the publication of texts. We can highlight the video creation MORIR NUNCA. In 2011 for the cycle Sobranatural at La Porta in Barcelona, the piece Las Historias naturales for the Salmôn festival in Barcelona in 2017, or the piece UNIR TODO for the MIR-festival in Athens in 2019 and the publication of Pablo Gisbert's texts for El Conde de Torrefiel with Editorial La Uña Rota as well as the publication in French of the texts of La posiblidad que desaparece frente al paisaje and GUERRILLA with Editorial Actualité Editions in Paris.

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