Stream of Thoughts : artist talks & encounters accessible worldwide

Stream of Thoughts is a programme of encounters to follow from home. We bring different artists and thinkers together for talks held in Brussels and elsewhere.

This online programme accompanies the entire festival. Journeying through the nuances inherent in the idea of contamination – via reflections around exchange, togetherness, transmission, (r)evolution, and coloniality.

For the opening of Stream of Thoughts past Sunday 09.05, musician and composer Chassol had a discussion with musicologist and journalist Saskia De Ville about the creative process of Chou.

Followed by:
- Korakrit Arunanondchai & Diana Campbell Betancourt
- Pélagie Gbaguidi & Lisette Lagnado
- Fania Noël-Thomassaint, Mireille-Tsheusi Robert & Sarah Diedro Jordão
- Cecilia Vicuña & Sonali Gupta
- Rolando Vázquez Melken & Amanda Piña
- The Living & Dead Ensemble
- Saidiya Hartman & Okwui Okpokwasili, Adeola Naomi Aderemi

To watch in our online theatre, live and for free! Did you miss one? No problem, they remain available on the same place.

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