09.05, 16.05.2021

Chassol Paris


music / performance — premiere


French, Dutch → FR, NL, EN | €10 / €5

Inspired by Brussels and its multilingual, polyphonic vocality, Christophe Chassol has created a visually stimulating and sonic portrait of the city for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Over the past few months he came into contact with several Brussels musicians. With them he visited the pandemic-stricken city in which there was seldom room for musical poetry. Chassol saw it as his mission to meticulously document his journey of discovery around Brussels, before opening it up before our eyes, with the help of local musicians, so that together we can recover the cultural richness that defines our city. Chassol is known around the world for the revolution he sparked in contemporary jazz, through his albums and concerts, and for his collaborations with artists such as Frank Ocean and Solange. In the manner of an optical effect, he harmonizes melodies and rhythms by blending extraordinarily complex variations in chords and sound combinations into an unimaginable fluidity. With apparently effortless technique, he cloaks complexity in unrestrained elegance, but he also brings out the virtuosity, poetry and musicality of everyday sounds and spoken language. Commissioned by the festival, Chou merges the image and sound archive of Brussels into a mesmerizing total experience.

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts-Ancienne Belgique

Direction, composition, editing: Christophe Chassol | Drums: Mathieu Edward | Pictures: Christophe Chassol, Boris Memmi, Emmanuel André | With: Martha Da’ro, Jean-Philippe Feiss, Valentin Feiss, Tisso the Plug, Emmanuel André, Aristide d’Agostino, Jean-Louis Hénart, Inno JP, Alice Foccroulle, Jean-Pierre Muller | Production: Ludi Magister, Boris Memmi, Géraldine Noël | Commissioned by Kunstenfestivaldesarts in coproduction with Ludi Magister, Ancienne Belgique | Thanks to: La Monnaie/De Munt, L’Archiduc, Wave Lab Studio, Hotel Warwick, Ville de Bruxelles/Stad Brussel | Performances in Brussels with the support of the French Institute, the French Embassy in Belgium and The Alliance Française, in the frame of EXTRA (2021) | Courtesy of Tricatel

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