The festival team is sharing its 'coups de cœur' with you


This year, we're sharing our coups de cœur with you to help you discover this edition.

Dive into the programme – and behind the scenes at the same time! – through a series of 3 videos.


Each week, some of our team members share with you a small personal selection of projects to help you navigate our large programme. We hope this will help you choose the projects you want to see. 

Ayla: Angela (a strange loop), Susanne Kennedy & Markus Selg

Eric: Prophétique (On est déjà né·es), Nadia Beugré

Michelle: Pumpitopera Transatlantica, MEXA

Emilie: Black Masks on Roller Skates, Amol K Patil

Mohamed: Egao no Toride (Fortress of Smiles), Kurō Tanino 

Mathilde and Lies: Αγρίμι (Fauve), Lenio Kaklea

Arnaud: MIKE, Dana Michel + Thank You Very Much, Claire Cunningham

Florent: EXÓTICA, Amanda Piña

Frederik: Mémé, Sarah Vanhee

Paola: Family Portrait, Midori Kurata



Check them out here (see below on the right), and on our Instagram and TikTok networks.

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