13 — 15.05.2022

Decoratelier Jozef Wouters Brussels

The Unbuilt School of Architecture II

free school


Accessible for wheelchair users | Dutch, French, English | For everyone interested in space and music | registration required via freeschool@kfda.be (limited capacity) | 3-day engagement | workshop

After the successful edition of 2019, Decoratelier will open The Unbuilt School of Architecture II for the second time. This fictitious institute is a school with no building. It has a temporary existence and has to be rebuilt each time by a group of people who come together around a specific theme. What kind of club will emerge from our collective fantasies? Can architecture be a song? Can you sing a space, whistle a wall, hum a window? And how can we be together in an auditory space? During the three days of the Free School, Jozef Wouters and the Decoratelier team will work with a group of participants to imagine, construct and open up a nightclub for music. A space made of more than just space, embodied by more than just people.

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, KANAL — Centre Pompidou, Decoratelier

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