Decoratelier Jozef Wouters Brussels

Jozef Wouters (b. 1986) used to have difficulty sleeping. After seeing Indiana Jones he considered becoming an archaeologist, but after Jurassic Park, he resolutely opted for paleontology. Years later he read in the book ‘We should be angrier than we are’. Since then he has produced a diversity of work as a stage designer and as a visual artist. Always starting from a specific context, his constructions and scenographies attempt to focus the gaze of an audience. Jozef Wouters wants to build strategic spaces that will give value and shape to the issues that keep him awake. Spaces that have a clear desire. The desire not to be obvious. That was already the case with TOREN/een voorstelling voor pendelaars(2009, together with Menno and Michiel Vandevelde), and ATELIER (a scenography in 2011, at Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart). In recent years, under the title STADIUM/STADION, Wouters built only structures and situations with a middle, a purposefully constructed centre for attention, action and communication. In the exhibition All problems can never be solved (2012, KVS), a project about the problem-solving ability of architecture in a social housing estate in Brussels, Wouters once again looked at models as carriers of desire and as proposals for discussion. Each of his projects reveals striking traces of a relentless quest for appropriate images and for ways to make those worthwhile.

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