13 — 15.05.2022

Kate McIntosh Brussels

Polyrhythmic School

free school


Accessible for wheelchair users | English | For everyone interested in rhythm and political narratives | 3-day engagement | workshop | This workshop is SOLD OUT (registration on the waiting list: via freeschool@kfda.be)

They say when we’re all in the same space listening together, our heartbeats might end up synchronizing. But our breathing will not, our breathing will stay polyrhythmic. They say listening might be the most complex of all human behaviours. To listen is a state of tension. (Listening across difference.) (Listening further than you can see.)
— Kate McIntosh

For the Free School, Kate McIntosh continues her research on her latest creation, To Speak Light Pours Out. She organizes a three-day programme for a group of twenty participants who will immerse themselves in polyrhythmics. During this workshop, participants will share a world where rhythms, voices, texts and their meanings shape and channel each other. They will delve into the political potential of polyrhythms, a musical form that does not allow for the existence of a single dominant voice. McIntosh also invites feminist writers, musicians and other guests to help shape the programme, making room for opposing voices, embracing and celebrating a complex way of being together. 

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, KANAL — Centre Pompidou, Kaaitheater

A workshop by Kate McIntosh, with Katharina Ernst and guests

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