Kate McIntosh Brussels

Kate McIntosh (New Zealand, 1974) is a Brussels-based artist who practices across the boundaries of performance, theatre and installation. Her works often focus on the physicality of both performer and audience, the manipulation of objects and materials, and the development of direct relations with and between audience members. Kate's practice is guided by her ongoing fascinations with the misuse of objects, playfulness with the public, a love of theatrical images and off-beat humour. Beside her own practice, Kate was a founding member of the Belgian performance collective and punkrock band Poni, and has collaborated as a performer with many directors including Tim Etchells, Wendy Houstoun, Simone Aughterlony, Antonia Baehr, and Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre. Kate is also a co-director and founding member of SPIN – an artist-initiated production and research platform in Brussels, which also organizes public gatherings for knowledge exchange.

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