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Maxime Jean‑Baptiste Brussels

Entre le Néant et l’Infini, je me mis à pleurer

performance — premiere

Rideau de Bruxelles

AudiodescriptionAccessible for wheelchair users | French, Guyanese Creole → NL, FR, EN | ⧖ ±1h20 | €16 / €13

Maxime Jean-Baptiste’s performance starts in the dark. Not just any darkness, but the one of the movie theatre, when the lights go out just before the film begins. The darkness in which to project a film that has not yet been written. Born in 1993 and raised in the context of the Guyanese-Antillean diaspora, Maxime Jean-Baptiste is a filmmaker based in Brussels. In his works he displays an almost choreographic relationship with the moving image. He often starts with found fragments and moves them back and forth, revealing the materiality of the reel and the fabrication of history. In one of his first films he uses a sequence from Jean Galmot, aventurier (1990), dealing with the history of French Guiana, in which his father appears as an extra. The film moves in spasms, like an imprisoned body caught in a narrative from which it has been disappropriated. Starting from his highly refined cinematographic work, Jean-Baptiste builds this performance as a dialogue in a cinema hall (with Sandra Muteteri Herremans), and a journey through a series of images that have accompanied his life. We see a newsitem on the release of the film in which his father appeared, one on the death of his 18-year-old cousin, murdered at a birthday party in Cayenne; and the darkness of a film yet to be written, to regain possession of the narrative of one’s own story.


  • 22:20
  • artist talk




Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Le Rideau 
Concept,direction: Maxime Jean-Baptiste | Performers: Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Sandra Muteteri Herremans | Images: Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Arthur Lauters, Alain Maline | Conductor: Sophye Soliveau | Surtitles and translation: Babel Subtitling
Spectre Productions | Commissioned and coproduced by Kunstenfestivaldesarts

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