13 — 15.05.2022

Sophye Soliveau Brussels, Maxime Jean‑Baptiste Brussels


Le Rideau

Accessible for wheelchair users | French, English | Workshop | Free entrance, registration required via freeschool@kfda.be

Sophye Soliveau is a singer and multi-instrumentalist with a heart for the harp and part of the Afro-feminist choir Maré Mananga in France. Together with Maxime Jean-Baptiste, in view of the creation of his performances, they create a temporary Afro-descendant and Creole choir, reflecting on the role of music as a space of empowerment and transmission of stories.

Participants must be available for the three days of the workshop and, in the evening, during four days of performance: 17, 18, 20, 21 May. Participants are paid for participation in the performance. More info: freeschool@kfda.be

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