Hamza Halloubi Brussels

You left me my lips, and they shape words, even in silence

exhibition — premiere

ARGOS Centre for contemporary arts

| French, English, Arabic → FR, NL | €6 / €4

Born in Morocco in 1982, Hamza Halloubi studied at in HISK in Gent. He has lived and worked in Brussels for many years, observing reality via the medium of film and photography, through his punctual, poetic gaze. This new solo exhibition, springs from the idea of silence, an empty space of discourse. How can one make visible what usually lives in the interstices of the dominant image? How can one claim an identity, finally freed from its exotified representation? Halloubi’s new body of works serves as an archaeological journey into the Western gaze, directed towards the Maghreb region: a film about the life of American composer Paul Bowles and his wife Jane, who resided in Tangier in the 1950s, and the descriptions of their relationship with a woman, named Cherifa. Or rather, a work in which the 1987 film Pierre et Djemila is juxtaposed with a narrative by French contemporary activist Houria Bouteldja. And ultimately, a series of silent portraits, made in Brussels in the present day, in which the camera is no longer an instrument of capture, but of silent dialogue and dignity. By assembling videos and sculptures in the spaces at ARGOS, Halloubi creates a constellation of portraits: a firmament of stories and identities, and the silences that exist in the spaces betwixt them.


You left me my lips, and they shape words, even in silence continues until 18.07. From 04.06, tickets are on sale via ARGOS.

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts-ARGOS

Cast: Alkhanssae Chahmoti, Hani Bachkil, Mohammed Douzi, Lucas Katangila, Naïma Lamarti, Jackie Léa Michel, Warda Rammach, Castelie Yalombo | Sound: Aïda  Merghoub | Translation: Simona Schneider | Coproduction: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, ARGOS


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  • 11:00 → 19:00
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