The Living and The Dead Ensemble Port-au-Prince

The Living and the Dead Ensemble are a group of artists, performers and poets from Haiti, France and the United Kingdom. They initially came together in Haiti 2017, to produce the Haitian Creole translation and performance of the play Monsieur Toussaint by Édouard Glissant. Initiated from an original idea by Louis Henderson and Olivier Marboeuf, who have been collaborating as a director/producer partnership since 2014, the Ensemble’s first film OUVERTURES has been premiered at Berlinale 2020. Their work explores different possible methods of telling the history and the present from a caribbean perspective and a transnational imaginary. The Ensemble produce texts, performances, films and installations.

The Ensemble are: Rossi Jacques Casimir, Dieuvela Cherestal, Sophonie Maignan, Cynthia Maignan, James Desiris, James Peter Etienne, Mackenson Bijou, Leonard Jean Baptiste, Olivier Marboeuf, Louis Henderson.

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