Sébastien Foucault / Cie Que Faire ? Liège

Sébastien Foucault is an actor, playwright and director. After studying literature and philosophy, Sébastien Foucault attended drama school in Liège (ESACT) and soon specialised in documentary theatre. For several years, he worked alongside the Belgian director Françoise Bloch (Zoo Théâtre), then joined IIPM (International Institute of Political Murder) run by the Swiss German director and film-maker Milo Rau. He has acted in several of the company’s iconic shows, including Hate Radio, The Civil Wars, La Reprise and Histoire(s) du théâtre. Sébastien Foucault co-runs the company “Que faire?” with actor, director and writer Julie Remacle, taking on the role of producer, playwright, artistic consultant and director in turn. Since 2018, he has been doing in-depth research on war reporting and the war in Bosnia (1992-1995). Reporters de guerre is the first work to come out of this research.

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