Rossella Biscotti Molfetta / Rotterdam/Brussels

Rossella Biscotti (b. 1978, Italy / Netherlands / Belgium) is an artist whose practice cuts across sculpture, performance, sound works, and filmmaking. She explores and reconstructs social and political moments from recent times through the subjectivity and experiences of individuals often in opposition to violent institutionalised systems. Stemming from extended research processes, conceptual excavations, personal encounters, interdisciplinary collaborations, and the subtle interrogation of sites and stories, her works encapsulate meticulous stratifications of materials and meanings. She has taken part in major international exhibitions as Dhaka Art Summit (2020), Contour Biennale (2017), Sonsbeek 23th (2016), 55th Venice Biennale and 13th Istanbul Biennale (2013), dOCUMENTA 13 and Manifesta 9 (2012). Her work has been presented in solo exhibitions at Kunstinstituut Melly (2019), Kunsthaus Baselland and daadgalerie (2018), V–A–C Foundation at the Gulag History Museum in Moscow (2016), Museion Bolzano (2015), Wiels, Sculpture Center New York, and Secession (2013). Biscotti has received several international awards.

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