Midori Kurata

Midori Kurata (Japan, 1987) is a director and a dancer based in Kyoto. She began learning classical and modern ballet at the age of three. She is graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Visual and Performing Arts. In her works, she confronts herself and others, and explores the possibilities of “dance” by using the stage structure to create fiction out of the events that occur there. Since 2016, she has presided over “akakilike”, an organization consisting of just her and technical staff, with the aim of involving actors and staff in productions on an equal footing. She is a Saison Fellow I of the Saison Foundation. Major works by akakilike include Family Portrait, Sabaku, Nice to Meet You, Good Day, Who Am I Today?, Like the summer sea glittering with so many fun things that is a waste to spend time sleeping, like a green garden flooded with sunlight, like a sky spreading to infinity, so clear and blue as to drive you crazy. Kurata’s individual activities include I Can/Can’t See You From Here Now and Midori Kurata × Norimizu Ameya Five-Minute walk from YouTube Hot Springs Station, Higashi Kujo, Shinjuku-ku, Mie Prefecture.

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