Léa Drouet

Léa Drouet is a director living and working in Brussels since 2010. Her work takes different forms and flows between installation, theater and performance. She founded VAISSEAU in 2014, a production house that tries to adapt to already existing styles and formats and to those still to come. Despite the diversity of styles, a constant interest in certain questions is clearly perceptible. How can we transfer the problems of the human sciences into the world of sensitivity, of sound, of the body and of matter? How to share aesthetic experiences that reflect different political and social issues. As she is closely involved in the alternative music scene in Brussels, Léa often collaborates with a range of these musicians. She also likes to surround herself with artists who combine several disciplines. Her creations are 0& (2015), Mais au lieu du péril croît aussi ce qui sauve (2016), Squiggle, Boundary Games (2018), Les Hostilités pour l’Objet des mots (2019), Violences (2020). Since June 2020, Léa Drouet is the new artistic coordinator for theater of Atelier 210 in Brussels.

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