Ça marche

Ça marche is a Barcelona-based live arts company founded in 2015. The company develops signature scenic pieces that take up from the necessary dialogue between theatre, performance art and dance to talk about our contemporaneity: dealing with its irreconcilable contradictions and derives. Each project tries to revise the relationship between craftsmanship, technique, ready-made and common references. Projects that reflect, on one hand, around the childhood’s frame and its contradictions and, on the other hand, around the subversive political potential that is proper to the non-professional body. Ça marche’s scenic work is based on the current writing of bodies from amateur and untrained performers, their gestures and discourses, referenced as living documents. Some of the scenic projects are Cantus gestualis #Introitus (2022), Los figurantes (2021) and The son’s trilogy – Ça va (2016), Ta gueule (2017), Silence (2017).

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