#nofilter is a long-term collaboration between the festival and three Brussels youth organisations: la Maison de jeunes Chicago, l’Association des Jeunes Marocains and Transfocollect. Since 2011, the youngsters have been attending the festival performances of their choice together, meeting the artists and sharing their reactions live, camera in hand. The result is a mini-series of cool video productions through the eyes and with the spontaneity of young people, who are less inhibited than other audiences in their approach to artists. These videos reflect the impact of certain performances and the authentic experience of a good time spent together in theatre. All of this will be shared on the festival's social networks and at a party organised by the youngsters themselves!

The project is part of a wider learning and professionalization practice. Collectively, they define their desires and set their own objectives. The project is supervised by three coordinators from the three youth centres, with the festival team stepping back while providing the necessary support.

This year the project is going abroad! After the festival edition in May 2022, the youngsters are heading to Switzerland for the Belluard Bollwerk where they will co-write the Fribourg version of #nofilter in collaboration with local youth organisations. 

Coordination: Oualid Akrouh, Chiraz Graja, Nouha Mhamdi | Video: Badredine Oulad Haj Amar, El Ayadi Mourad | Subtitles: Pierre Vachaudez | In collaboration with: Chicago & VMJ-AJM youth centres (D’Broej), TransfoCollect, Belluard Bollwerk | Supported by: Fondation Bernheim, Movetia

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