The art of remembering

Why would it be better to remember than to forget? And what makes certain stories enter the collective memory or not? Several artistic projects this edition reflect on the theme of remembering and how our memory influences how we look at the world today.

The complexity of memory figures at the core of the new creation from Marcus Lindeen & Marianne Ségol, a reflection on mnemonic dysfunction and the challenge of preserving a ‘backup’ of human civilisation for the future. In an original double portrait, Gurshad Shaheman & Dany Boudreault simultaneously tell each other’s life story based on fragments from their personal archives. Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige make their first appearance at the festival with La vertigineuse histoire d’Orthosia, the dizzying tale of a Palestinian refugee camp and its hidden underground world. With the use of 3D scanning techniques, video artist Hsu Che-Yu creates video works each telling a story of mourning and loss. Bouchra Khalili emphasises the importance of remembering past political strategies in a video installation which reconstructs a unique action that took place during France’s 1974 presidential elections.

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