Concerts & Nightlife 2022

Every Friday and Saturday, international and Brussels-based artists take over the Kaaitheater to enrich the festival centre with a series of live acts and DJ sets. 6 evenings in total, featuring artists from the queer community to celebrate Belgian Pride, female artists from the hip hop scene, emerging or renowned artists from experimental music, afrobeat, house and many others.

All concerts and parties are free.

Saturday 07.05.2022
Opening Night

We will kick off the festival’s nightlife with an eclectic night: a live performance by super energetic Kenyan-Ugandan rapper MC Yallah on the crazy beats of Debmaster, followed by DJ sets by local treasures: WuTangu with her many diasporic influences, the funky spirited tunes of Kappen, and Liyo’s emotional and thrilling universe.

• 23:30 Liyo
• 00:00 MC Yallah + Debmaster (live)
• 01:00 Liyo
• 02:00 WuTangu
• 03:30 Kappen
• 05:00 end

Friday 13.05.2022

• 23:00 Baka G
• 00:30 JuliEn
• 02:00 end

Saturday 14.05.2022
The Afro Diasposonic Experience

Heavy bass and 808s will run through the night of the second weekend of Kunstenfestivaldesartsfestival, with live hip-hop shows by rising MCKreepThaGod and Juggboi Fleur of and by fellow Liège-based rising star ONHA, and DJ sets encompassing afro-diasporic sounds ranging from West African afro beats and Brazilian funk, to RnB and South African afro house, featuring Golden Zebora, Di Cândido, JIEM, Joliiah and Versatile VSL’s own NDUNGU.

• 23:00 Joliiah
• 00:00 ONHA (live)
• 00:15 Versatile VSL presents KreepThaGod x Juggboi Fleur (live)
• 00:45 NDUNGU
• 02:00 Golden Zebora
• 03:00 JIEM
• 04:00 DIDI
• 05:00 Fin

Friday 20.05.2022
KSS’ART by night x Kunstenfestivaldesarts

KSS'ART is a fusion of poetry, music and humour. On an open stage, a small group of young Brussels artists will spoil us with their various talents: slam, stand-up and an open mic. Some of them are more experienced, others are performing for the first time. An opportunity to discover the future big names of Brussels, to laugh, sing and dance together.
Free for all | Open for all | No discrimination | Only love
A collaboration between kunstenfestivaldesarts, Toestand vzw and Maison de Jeunes l'Avenir. Kss'art is a concept of Toestand vzw that wants to bring out different stage performances in diversity. A microphone and a stage, and the magic of Brussels is at work.

• 22:00 KSS'ART presents Tr-re-si, Slim, FrancoisFk, Fredy, Astride
• 23:30 Femi Kidjo
• 00:30 ILL SYLL
• 02:00 end

Saturday 21.05.2022
After-Pride Party

We will host our own Pride after-party, with a live performance by Detroit-based harpist, singer and multi-disciplinary artist Ahya Simone and DJ sets by Parisian guest Broodoo Ramses and his kinetic mash of styles, Danish princess Maji and her seductive beats, as well as local staples Bo Meng and her bouncy repertoire, techno wizard Amari’s Kingdom and dynamic newcomer Afro-Rosy.

• 23:00 Afro-Rosy
• 23:30 Maji
• 00:30 Ahya Simone (live)
• 01:15 Bo Meng
• 02:30 Broodoo Ramses
• 04:00 Amari's Kingdom
• 05:00 end

Friday 27.05.2022

• 23:00 Fatoo San
• 00:30 BONA LÉA
• 02:00 end

Saturday 28.05.2022
Closing party

23:00 DJ SAHЯA
00:00 AMMAR808 (live)
01:00 MamaKil 
02:30 Young Mocro
03:30 Cheb Runner
05:00 end

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