08 — 30.05.2020


Abstrahø Brussels

Abstrahø School

The Abstrahø collective is setting up a bilingual artistic awareness-raising project for Brussels secondary schools. The idea is to familiarise students from the first four years of secondary school with the performing arts, and to experiment with other forms of thinking about art in general. First Abstrahø School takes the form of movement workshops and is intended for the development of tools for joint work and alternative thinking. Secondly, it offers workshops of other artistic practices (photo, video, etc.) and cultural outings, to arouse the curiosity of young people towards the different art forms of today.

Confronted with the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, we had to cancel this project

A project by: Abstrahø

Collaborators: Adeola Slayers (coordination), Ayrton Slayers (communication), Milø Slayers (curator), Solange Borges (coordination), Shelbatra Jashari (logistics)

Coproduction: Bronks, Open ISAC, Kunstenfestivaldesarts

In collaboration with: Instituut Anneessens-Funck, Institut Bisschoff sheim, Institut De Mot-Couvreur, Maria Boodschap Lyceum

Thanks to: Bilal, Valérie Jaumain, Marleen Mertens, Thierry Pétré, Stéphane Roy, Geert Vandyck, Anke Verbeckmoes & Anne Watthee


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