07.05, 08.05, 14.05, 19 — 23.05, 28.05.2016

Philippe Quesne Nanterre

Welcome to Caveland!

installation — premiere

Les Brigittines

Welcome to Caveland! is a two-part project in two stages. Firstly there is poetic fiction, with the performance La nuit des taupes. In a second phase, the cave becomes a stray installation. Like a travelling circus or a fairground attraction, Welcome to Caveland! treks from town to town seeking refuge in theatres and at festivals, finding room there for performances, workshops, and other activities. In Brussels, Caveland makes its first stop, taking up residence at Les Brigittines, this year’s festival centre, where an extensive programme of activities is proposed. The cave is an ideas laboratory, a safe and private microcosm, an open space for furrowing, excavating, and digging; a utopian place where dreams can come to life and the world can be viewed with fresh eyes. Come and have a look!


19/05 Caveland! Concert

20/05 Caveland! Salon

21/05 Caveland! Ciné-club

22/05 Caveland! Kids Club

23 > 27/05 A Day in Caveland! Artistic Interventions

28/05 Caveland! Dark Concert

28/05 Caveland! Escape

8 > 27/05 Caveland! Reading Club

21 > 22/05 Caveland! Underground Guided Tours

7/05 Caveland! Reflection Day: Protection

14/05 Caveland! Reflection Day: Underground Sources of Light

21/05 Caveland! Reflection Day: Stratification: Traces of Excess

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La nuit des taupes

Welcome to Caveland! is a project that was supported by the Friends in 2016.

Welcome to Caveland! is supported by

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Welcome to Caveland! is supported by

Friends of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts

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