Marianne Ségol

Working as a dramaturge in Sweden and France, Marianne Ségol is engaged in discovering and promoting the new names in Nordic theatre. Besides the works of Marcus Lindeen (with whom she’s been working since 2017), she has translated some forty plays and thirty novels by playwrights such as Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Sara Stridsberg, Jon Fosse, Arne Lygre, Suzanne Osten, Rasmus Lindberg, Monica Isakstuen and Malin Axelsson, as well as film directors like Lars Von Trier and writers like Henning Mankell, Sami Saïd, Per Olov Enquist, Katarina Mazetti, and Jakob Wegelius. Many of Ségol’s translations are published and regularly presented in France and in various French-speaking countries. Since 2016, she has coordinated the Nordic committee at the Maison Antoine Vitez international centre of theatrical translation. In addition, she’s been an associate artist at the National Drama Centre Poitiers Nouvelles-Aquitaine since 2021 and at Le Quai, CDN d'Angers Pays de Loire. In 2021, Ségol was awarded the translation prize by the Swedish Academy.

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