Kwame Boafo

Kwame Boafo was born in Accra. He is trained as a performance maker and theatre researcher. Kwame’s performance and movement experience started with the breakdance. He became interested in exploring the limits of the body in 2015 and partnered with Bulgarian poet Yassen Vasilev to co-create his first solo performance, NUTRICULA. His curiosity about the body got him to research the materiality of the body and the body as an archive of memory. Through his research, Kwame Boafo has delved into the intersection of performance, movement and memory, seeking to understand how the body can serve as a vessel for personal and collective histories. His work explores how physicality can communicate and preserve narratives that may otherwise be lost or forgotten. His exploration has led him to collaborate with artists from diverse backgrounds, fostering a multidisciplinary approach to his work.

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