Kepler-452 was founded in 2015 in Bologna by Nicola Borghesi, Enrico Baraldi, Paola Aiello and, for the organization, by Michela Buscema first and then from 2021, by Roberta Grande. Since its inception, the company has cultivated an ambition, a desire, an urgency: to open the doors of the theaters, to go out, to observe, through the lens of the scene, what is outside, in the unshakable belief that reality has an autonomous dramaturgical force, just waiting to be organized on stage. The theatrical formats created by Kepler-452 range from the involvement on stage of non-professionals (or world-actors, as we prefer to call them) on the basis of their biographies, to theatrical reportages that transform investigations of the reality into performative moments, to the creation of audio-guided itineraries and other devices for interacting with urban space, up to the creation of the 20 30 Festival which, starting from 2014, brought hundreds of under 30s to the stage in an attempt to trace a generational fresco.

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