Beatriz Sano

Beatriz Sano is a Brazilian choreographer, dancer, teacher and researcher. She holds a BA in dance and an MA in Performing Arts from the University of Campinas (Unicamp). Her research is related to Asian practices, more specifically Noguchi and Noh Theater, which seek an integral relationship between life processes and nature. In her authorial pieces, she increasingly relates voice and movement as an inseparable part of her dance creations. Sano has been part of Key Zetta e Cia since 2009 and has established artistic partnerships with Eduardo Fukushima, Júlia Rocha, and Isabel Ramos Monteiro. Her principal works are: Solo (2014), Estudo de Ficção (2017), Imagine (2019), O que mancha (2021), Tudo de novo (2022), and Horizonte (2023). Sano is currently a teacher and coordinator at the Escola Livre de Dança de Santo André (ELD).

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