Bárbara Bañuelos & Carles Albert Gasulla Madrid

Bárbara Bañuelos. Formed, deformed and transformed between Burgos, Madrid, London and New York, she combines her stage work with musical projects. Her research-creation processes have as their starting point an autobiographical self that becomes an expansive self (a “we”). Where concepts such as: memory, imagination, time, reality-fiction are related and put into play to think from another place; transiting from the personal to the social. 90 dB was her first scenic piece with which she won the 2019 Injuve award. With Inventory, Memories of a Vacuum Cleaner. along with hundreds of papers and discarded objects collected over more than 20 years, she has travelled the floors of scenic and exhibition spaces such as Abadía Theater, ElMusac, Artium, Caixa Forum, Pradillo Theater, Open Scene Festival… My father Was Not A Famous Russian Writer, a scenic documentary about the body and mental suffering, is her most recent work and it has been presented at the BAD Festival, Abadía Theater, Sâlmon Festival, Mercat de les Flors, IDEM Festival, La Casa Encendida, Artium... Making it Through the Night is her latest work.

Carles A. Gasulla. “I was born in Barcelona in 1960 without anyone consulting me about it and without knowing why. I have dedicated my life to the futile habit of survival. After a childhood and adolescence with many more shadows than lights, and a largely wasted youth in which I worked in a mechanical workshop and as a language interpreter and translator, I studied German Philology (also without anyone asking me to do it) at the University of Barcelona, a useless career if there ever was one. After ten months of an Erasmus scholarship in Germany, I returned to Barcelona as poor as I left, and since then I have worked in various trades, none of them profitable. For about four years, I have been a member of Radio Nikosia, an association formed by people with and without medicalized itineraries of suffering. I have collaborated with Bárbara Bañuelos and Radio Nikosia in the Festival Sâlmon 2018 and 2019, conducting radio programs in relation to the performing arts, where a place of meeting and reflection was generated in order to question common concepts from the standpoint of the living arts and mental suffering.”

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