The many faces of theatre

Kunstenfestivaldesarts is only a week away! Make room for the international scene. Artists from all over the world will soon be taking us on a journey of unique experiences, practices and aesthetics, including the paths of a multi-faceted theatre.

Gosia Wdowik and Amir Reza Koohestani take a resolutely contemporary approach by bringing a fresh perspective to life in Poland and Iran. She was a friend of someone else and Blind Runner: two journeys that transform theatre into a very personal story about commitment and a poetic race towards freedom.

The visual dimension of theatre is masterfully honoured in Los Figurantes, by the Spanish company Ça marche. In this performance, the artists question the way we look at childhood.

Wichaya Artamat's theatre is intimate – almost cinematic – recreating the space of two flats in Bangkok. With Baan Cult, Muang Cult, the artist presents a sharp look at Thailand today, a country where religion, the army and the monarchy are untouchable pillars of society.

And in ANGELA (a strange loop)Susanne Kennedy and Markus Selg create a theatre that puts the 'I' in perspective. As one day passes in Angela's life, we experience a constant shifting between reality and virtuality.

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