Poetic and political encounters

We are entering the second week of this edition after an exceptional launch weekend. Because it celebrates the freedom to be, to depart, to welcome, to share and above all to create, Kunstenfestivaldesarts is also a resource: that of an art that shakes up reference points, questions displacement and responds to current narratives.

The world premiere of Amir Reza Koohestani's new creation will take place on Tuesday 15.05. Echoing the current Iranian society, the artist starts a poetic race towards freedom with Blind Runner. Blending the spoken and the unspoken, he accompanies us in a poetic questioning of displacement, an ode to love and hope.

To explore the link between burnout and activism, Polish director Gosia Wdowik creates She was a friend of someone else on the occasion of the festival and tells us about her own experience of commitment to defend the right of abortion.

In May amnesia never kiss us on the mouth: Only sounds that tremble through usBasel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme present a performative video installation that brings together poetic speech, architecture, and songs and dances of resistance from various displaced communities in Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Yemen.

A dissident voice in contemporary Russia, Victoria Lomasko deepens her creation of a political counter-archive with Five Steps. Through live drawings and text, she creates a performance that traces five stages in the life of a dissident artist: isolation, escape, exile, shame and humanity.

In The ReturnRayyane Tabet takes us into the story of a marble sculpture representing a bull's head that has been lost for almost 50 years. Until Wednesday 17.05, the Lebanese artist highlights the troubled relationship of antiquities with the looting of archaeological sites, questions of cultural heritage and national identity.


Did you know that for sold-out shows, a waiting list always opens one hour before the show starts? Welcome at this second week of the festival!

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