The >> Sessions

The >> Sessions (read: The Forward Sessions) encourages a new generation of artists and organisers of cultural events to exchange work and ideas with each other. Together, they form an international group of Belgium-based young talents who meet regularly throughout the year and during the festival to discuss the link between art and society, based on their own experience. 

Participants: Adeola Slayers, Sophie Senecaut, Nina Closson, Alexander Aerts, Rachad Zangaba, Abir Gharbi, Landry Kalla, Ismael Elkhababi, Tomiwa Folorunso, Nour Aarabi, Lorena Spindler, Kieran Vassilieff, Fareed Aziz, Sepehr Sharifzadeh 

Moderators: Daniel Blanga Gubbay & Bie Vancraeynest | Production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts

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