The >> Sessions

We are part of a complex network of communities where territorial, linguistic and cultural divides are increasingly porous. The >> Sessions (read: The Forward Sessions) brings together a group of Brussels residents who are connected to artistic creation through different networks. With the new generation, the festival supports personalities who organise and disseminate artistic projects in the Brussels area. This new group initiates a reflection halfway between personal artistic practice and the organisation of events. Together, they meet regularly throughout the year and during the three weeks of the festival to attend different performances. Each performance leads them to ask a specific question related to art or society, which is discussed collectively based on the experience and reality of each person.

Participants: Adeola Slayers, Joachim Noel, Sophie Senecaut, ASBL Ravie, Nina Closson, Alexander Aerts, Rachad Zangaba, Abir Gharbi, Landry Kalla, Ismael Elkhababi

Moderators: Daniel Blanga Gubbay & Bie Vancraeynest | Production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts

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