Otobong Nkanga: That Night We Ate

At the festival's invitation, artist Otobong Nkanga composed a series of poems and drawings presented for the first time in the brochure. Based in Antwerp, Nkanga works with installations, sculptures, drawings, tapestries and poetry through which she traces and examines the network of relationships and labour in our everyday environment. Nkanga created eight compositions that might resonate with the image of the kitchen table, as a place of overlap between food, voices, affects, labour and conviviality, all themes that are also central to this edition’s Free School. The result is a new artistic creation in the form of sensorial encounters, where the rhythms of words and those of drawings intersect, and in which the table becomes a place of multilayered relationships.

The full series can be found in the brochure that is distributed at various locations in Brussels.

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