Call for entries: Conception, realisation and installation of the Festival Centre scenography of Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2024

In 2024, Kunstenfestivaldesarts will take place between May 10 and June 1. Aside from the numerous collaboration with theatres and other cultural institutions in Brussels, for the creation of new pieces, the festival occupies a new location each year as its Festival Centre. The Festival Centre is the operation base, a meeting place where everyone can eat or drink something, listen to a talk, where children can enjoy themselves during a workshop, the location for the book club, the place where the parties are organised… For the next edition the Festival Centre will be located at KVS.


Timeline of the call for entries:
• 28 September 2023: Publication of the call for entries for the festival centre 2024.
• 30 October 2023: Reception of applications.
• 3 November 2023: Announcement of the preselected candidates for the second round.
• 27-29 November 2023: Individual interviews with preselected candidates.
For the second round, the candidates will be asked to prepare one (or max. two) brief proposal for the layout/scenography of the Festival Centre 2024: propositions of scenographic equipment highlighting the scenographic setting within the venue; ideas for setting up the equipment (inside and outside); ideas for decors, light sources, etc.; a list and brief description of the requirements and materials needed for the proposal.
This production will be remunerated at a rate of €1,250 (incl. VAT) per candidate.
• 1 December 2023: Announcement of the selected candidate.

Description of requirement

The assignment involves the following requirements:
• Conception of the scenography.
• Realisation in dialogue with the festival team and the development of the activities that the Festival Centre will be hosting.
• Manufacturing and assembling of the scenography (from 29/04 onwards (at the earliest), opening on the 10/05), coordination and follow-up of the realisation and installation in situ, lighting... with the help of the festival’s technical team.
• Monitoring of operations and maintenance during the festival, if necessary.
• Disassembly of furniture and removal of elements from the scenography, transport and removal, as well as site restoration at the end of the festival.


Estimated total value:
• Remuneration: €7,000 incl. VAT.
• Realisation budget: €60.000 incl. VAT - includes the creation of the scenography, material and technical realisation (+- € 45.000) as well as the installation/removal in the venue.


• KVS BOL, Quai aux Pierres de Taille 7, 1000 Bruxelles (virtual visit). | Potentially usable spaces for the above mentioned activities: facades, square in front of the main entrance of the building, hall, -1 (toilet, lockers), corridors leading to the room, +1 foyer (bar, corridors leading to the room).

• KVS BOX, Quai au Pierres de Taille 9, 1000 Bruxelles (virtual visit) | Potentially usable spaces for the visual/scenographic identity: facade, hall, hallway access, bar, café, terrace.

Composition of the application file

For the first round, applications must include:
• Biography and curriculum vitae
• Motivation lettre
Specify your reasons for applying, giving general, professional and personal reasons.
• Portfolio/references file
Provide a summary of your projects and achievements, join an indicative portfolio of works presenting and illustrating your expertise. Any projects in fields related to architecture, scenography, art... that may have been completed during your scholar or professional career.
• Exercise - documents to be produced by the candidate:
- An intention note
- A moodboard

Criterias and modalities

Attribution criterias

Artistic quality, general coherence and identity, feasibility and originality of the scenographic proposal. | Taking into account the identity of the site and the festival, the different types of audiences and different spaces inside and outside. | The use and design of sustainable scenography (recycled materials, reusable structures, etc.) is very welcome.

Eligibility criterias

The call for entries is destined to all creators in the broad sense of the word. | Experienced artists: designers, architects, scenographers, visual artists… Or more broadly motivated people, creative, capable of proposing a feasible projects with the resources available. | Multiple types of applications are possible: alone or in a collective application, with or without an accompanying structure. | The call is open to Belgian and international candidates (note: any travel expenses will be included in the proposed remuneration – cfr budget).

Method of sending

The application needs to be submitted before 30 October 2023 by e-mail to the following address: eve@kfda.be or by post to Eve Craeye at Kunstenfestivaldesarts: Quai du Commerce 18, 1000 Brussels.

For all questions or complementary information, please contact Eve Craeye (eve@kfda.be).

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