School is cool

School is cool and even cooler when you can awaken your curiosity about current art forms! 

Supervised by the Abstrahø collective, youngsters who speak French or Dutch between the ages of 12 and 16 from the Bischoffscheim Institute, MaBo and the Imelda-Instituut meet every Wednesday afternoon to explore their artistic sensibilities during workshops. These extracurricular activities are designed by Brussels artists and take the form of movement workshops, aimed at developing tools for joint work and alternative thinking. In a second phase, workshops on other artistic practices (photography, video, etc.) will awaken the curiosity of these youngsters to other art forms, and several cultural outings will be organised as part of the festival.

A project by: Abstrahø | Collaborators: Milø Slayers (curator) | Coproduction: BRONKS, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Open ISAC | In collaboration with: Institut Bischoffscheim, MaBo, Imelda Instituut 

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